My mom has this story that she likes to tell of my younger days. Apparently, I was a real nightmare for photographers. I HATED having my picture taken and would howl when a camera came near me. It certainly wasn't a great beginning for someone who ended up a photographer but I chalk it up to my resilience.

I believe in being brave though, if I can be honest, sometimes that road is a huge stinking mess. Luckily, I also believe that the journey can be beautiful if you embrace imperfection. 

My most beloved possession is a signed copy of Fahrenheit 451 in which I asked Ray Bradbury to write his favorite word, "YES!!!" That one meeting set the stage for making huge leaps and saying "yes" to finding what makes my soul sing. 

I dip my fingers into many things and this personal website holds these pieces of life together in one place. Some of my biggest joys are knitting, browsing used bookstores, solo dance parties, art as therapy and studying human behavior.

My name is Chatti. I still howl but only at the moon. It's a pleasure meeting you.