Lately / by Chatti Brown

When this website was dreamed up a year ago, I was excited by what I could share, what I could do with this space. Unfortunately, once it presented itself to the world all I felt was tired and unmotivated. I couldn't find inspiration to write. But now that I know the culprit (spending too much time on instagram) and I'm moving away from being active on social media, this is the space where I want to share my thoughts with you. I do remember the good ole days of spilling open and online journals acting as confession boards. While I won't be going overboard, I hope I can let you in a little.

These were taken on the iPhone via the Thirty Six app. You can't see the photos you've taken until the entire roll is "developed" just like in film. I just make due with what I had, having packed film and a camera but forgetting the lens (and we were six hours from home in a small town).