We Are Nowhere And It's Now / by Chatti Brown

“What do you need?” he asked. “To know that the balance of the world is suddenly perfect,” I answered. So we made music and I tried not to cry.

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling melancholy lately, a glum that washes over me in mere minutes. I’m processing my father’s death and part of that is putting energy into creating something-anything to not let it settle into my bones for too long. It helps a little but sometimes at night I have trouble sleeping and I have to ask my husband to hold me a little closer. That grief is a strange curious thing. I can’t shake it off.

Note: By no means do I think I have a great singing voice. In fact, I just listened to the video again and wished we had cleaned it up a bit. That said, I can’t call myself “brave” if I don’t just put myself out there and be vulnerable. So hey, here’s me with a shaky voice and a little too much wine.