A Self Portrait & A Poem by Chatti Brown

too dim for the waking world-0033.jpg

I was once an illuminated,⁣⠀
fire-speckled girl,⁣⠀
cradled in the ⁣⠀
womb of the Universe,⁣⠀
now broken,⁣⠀
too dim for the waking world.⁣⠀
Here are the things that I know to be true:⁣⠀
1) We will all die (don't worry this list gets better).⁣⠀
2) Kindness sustains life.⁣⠀
3) Light and shadow can coexist harmoniously. ⁣⠀
4) Wholeness means standing in my truth and (often times) pain and still having the courage to show up.⁣⠀
5) I cannot fully see your inner light if I don't acknowledge my own. It starts with my own healing.⠀
Sometimes the wounded child comes and sits by me, her head on my lap as I play with her hair. "It's too scary to shine," she says. "Can't we just be like the other stars?" And I have to gently remind her, "But sweetheart that's what stars do. They shine and what are we if not made of stardust?" ⁣