Our Fall Trip to Vermont by Chatti Brown

vermont trip 2018-115875020029.jpg

Every September, my family and I take a small trip for my birthday and this year we decided on a short tour of Vermont. I had wanted to see the leaves change colors but we were greeted with 90 degree weather. At one point my husband and I looked at each other and said, “It feels like we’re in Cambodia!” We tried not to let the humidity get in the way of our fun opting to go to the beach while in Burlington. I mean really, the beach in Vermont! That had never crossed my mind when I was thinking up the itinerary so we didn’t have swim clothes. Luckily, I always pack Birdie’s swim diaper so she happily got wet while we stood ankle deep. I think that was the most fun I had just watching her explore, play with sand, and splash water on us.

vermont trip 2018-115875040011.jpg

About thirty minutes outside of Burlington is a small town called Shelburne which houses the Shelburne Museum. We spent an afternoon there and it wasn’t enough time to see all the exhibits. We went during a weekday and practically had the space to ourselves. It had everything our family needed. A bit of early American art, some architectural history, and a pretty decked out kids’ cabin. The grounds was beautiful, spreading forty-five acres.

We joked that this trip was all about discovering playgrounds and bookstores. It’s true. I treated myself out to a lot of books for my birthday. I’m most excited about my two Shirley Jacksons and an old copy of Lord Of The Flies I found at a vintage bookstore in Plainfield. Birdie got her fill of swings and slides which made putting her to sleep a bit easier. I also picked goldenrods in Townsend for my dye pot and now that we’re back, have already dyed five skeins of yarn.